Training for Strock Market Trading

We have trained over 1000+ of traders nationwide. Our simplistic approach to concept clearing and explaining even the most complicated concepts in very simple language makes our students learn faster and quicker. What's more is we do not just teach them and let them go, we trade with them year along and let them become fully professional and expert in the craft.

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Show Me A Trader
who says he trained & learned how to trade from a mentor and lost money. 99% traders losing money are trading on tips or youtube videos from trainers who do not even trade.

Via Webinar / Online Videos

Technical Analysis Course

How to trade with charts – Rs 15,000 + 3 months live trading support

  • Technical Analysis Basics
  • Trading Tools
  • Candle Stick Analysis
  • Pattern Studies Which Actually Work
  • Technical Setups
  • How To Use Software Tools For Analysis
  • Market Watch Setup Intraday
  • Market Watch Setup Positional
  • Intraday Trading Strategies
  • Positional Trading Strategies
  • How To Find Best Quality Trades
  • Execution
  • Trade Management
  • Money Management
  • Position Sizing
  • Weekly Trade Setups In Email/Premium Blog
  • 3 Months Support
  • 90 Minute Online Session For Queries
Pay Rs. 15,000/-

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