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Zerodha Learnapp Moving Average Course Feedback

Before i give my feedback and details regarding the Zerodha Learnapp Moving average Course let me explain you about moving average.

What is a Moving average

Lets understand what a moving average or (MA) means. In Technical Analysis moving average is a widely used indicator by traders.

Moving average helps smooth out price action by filtering out the noise from random short-term price fluctuations.

It is a trend-following indicator and always lagging as it is based on past prices.

Types of Moving Average

The Most four common moving averages are

  • Simple Moving Average
  • Exponential Moving Average
  • Weighted Moving Average
  • Triangular Moving Average

The Moving average act as support and resistance on charts. They are often the turning points used for trading by traders.

The most commonly  used moving averages are 200 DMA for long term trends, 50 SMA for Medium term trends and 20 SMA for Short term trends.

Implication of Moving Average

Moving averages are most commonly used by many traders, they are widely used for developing a trading system.

Some traders used DEMA which is double exponential moving average system. Where as some trader use TEMA which is Triple exponential moving average system.

For example the Most common form of using a Moving Average in trading is on the long side.

As and when the price is above a moving average you buy and short when price is below a moving average

Which Moving Average is best?

Often traders make a big mistake of using same moving average on every thing they trade. Which moving average is best can be known only by proper back testing of a trading system.

When you back test a moving average then you must keep in mind you do not over optimize to find the best returns.

Zerodha Learnapp Moving Average Course

Zerodha Moving Average Course is for traders who are looking for a Ready to use Trading System for Indian stock market.

What i like the most about the mentor is he is not playing with financial jargon’s but has used a simple yet effective words to communicate.

I rate the course on Ease of understanding to 10/10 & Content usefulness 10/10

What will you learn?

In Moving Average Course you will learn about

  • What is moving average
  • What is the purpose of using a moving average
  • Which moving average a trader must use and why
  • Rules of trading like when to enter & exit based on moving average.
  • How to use a moving average in sideways market
  • How to identify trending moves with moving average
  • What other technical indicators one can use with moving average combination


In conclusion the Traders who do not have a Trading strategy must do this course and understand How To Develop Moving Average Trading System can help you make higher returns in trading.

Having back tested rules for trading is an additional advantage this helps traders as half of his work is done and rest half is to implement with discipline.

We rate 10/10 for Moving Average Course

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