Wealthcreator traders club – Nifty trade

How did Wealthcreator traders club traded in the week gone by.

A event week with so much volatility where it was our focus was not on making money and trading high but on capital preservation and going to the event with a proper strategy.

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An event is an event and many had gone by in past, will are going on future and many will continue to happen in future as well. Life keeps on going so if you are a professional trader or investor all you need to do is have a strategic plan as per your requirements.

Nifty future trend is down since last many days hence wealthcreator traders club traders decided to follow the trend and take a small calculated risk protecting capital and utilizing the opportunity market may give if any negative surprise happens.

Club traders Opened position in short nifty & long puts 8300/8500 (as per one’s capital and risk appetite but it was for sure to keep very small quantity and low capital trader to take small quantity put option)

Covered short nifty gap down at market open, close puts, 8500 put did not opened very higher as expected so long nifty at market rate was the strategy since if market drifted much lower 8500 put was there which long was taken at 100+ the previous day.

Result & Screen Shot – Rs 21600 net profit


Are you losing money in stock markets, wishing wont make profit but trading with real traders will. We trade our money we do not give tips.

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