Profit Happens When You Trade Rite Not When You Just Trade


Success – Bang on move yet again

Do you know why most people fail in making profits in trading because they only focus on trading and not profits? Yes no matter how much you say you want to make profits but the real reason most people are not making any profits in trading is not that they are not having any sure shot tip, but their addiction to trading and looking to find cheap methods to success.

Profitable trading happens when you make the correct decisions hence learning how to trade for profit is more important than doing the trades.

DHAMPUR SUGAR the stock recommended at 170+ now trading at 219 its a gain of 29% in a matter of two weeks when the index has been falling with plenty of shares down over 10-40%.

It does not happen by luck or chance and believes me I do not have any sure profit trading tip that it will run in two weeks to the levels here.

All I did was look at the chart structure as per the Technical Analysis and then trade with proper Money Management and the result is what market delivered.

A handsome 23% gains already.

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