Learnapp Zerodha Trend Following Course Review

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Learn app Zerodha Trend Following Course Review

The Learnapp Zerodha trend following course is brought to you by Learnapp.co The mentor for this course is Tom basso a renowned name in traders community. Tom appeared in Market Wizards he was interviewed by Jack D. Schwager for sharing his insights about trading.

Tom Basso has over 44 years of experience as a stock market trader and he has shared his experience in Trend Following Course by Learn app

Tom has explained the traders his wisdom of markets in two parts

Tom Basso Explains beautifully

That trading is Finding the strategy which suits you. Apart from sharing an exact entry and exit technique, the course focused on training the new traders how to take trading as a full-time profession and understand each and every detail required for becoming a profitable trader.

In Trend Following Learnapp Course Tom shares, it is important to know about the

  • Capital requirement
  • Skill set required
  • Resources
  • Tolerable risk

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Do not just Focus on the Entry

Most traders only focus on searching for a sure shot profit-making method and how they should enter the trade. Tom Basso has explained beautifully that Entry is just a small part of the equation and what most traders should also give importance to is the Money Management & Position Sizing strategy of the trade.

Should u buy fix number of contracts or set up an amount to each trade and which one is the better approach?

In Trend Following Learn app course you will learn with examples given by Tom Basso on Indian Stocks.

How Do I Make Money Trading Stocks

This is a question when any new trader enters the market is having in his mind and no matter how much they try to google it down they still end up with not one answer which will make them satisfied.

Tom Basso Explains beautifully that trading is a skill, a skill that anyone can develop

How To Trade?

A trader must know about his Initial Risk on the Capital involved. He must understand the Volatility of the market/index or instrument is trading. He shall not stick to only one instrument. How to Position size a trade and when to do Additional position size is also a key aspect of a profitable trader.

When one shall add Additional Risk, and How Exiting a position in profit or loss can make a big difference to his capital is explained in the course. Should you be Hedging the position or what should you do when u suffer a Drawdown of 10-20% all these queries of the traders are answered in the Learnapp Zerodha Trend Following Zerodha  Course.



After taking the course Zerodha Learnapp Trend Following we suggest you that open Learn app.co and register for this course. I mean what more could you ask if you have the opportunity to learn from Industry leader a fund manager a trader who has spent his entire life trading and making money shape up you for trading.


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