Learnapp.co Supertrend Strategy Course Review

Learnapp.co Supertrend Strategy Course Review

Zerodha Learnapp Supertrend Strategy is one of the courses offered by Learnapp.co which is highly useful for Intra day trading.

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What is learnapp.co?

Learnapp.co is a platform for students, traders, investors and anyone interested in learning from industry experts on topics related to finance, investing, trading and management.

High quality & easy to understand content is shared among the users on the platform in English and Hindi language.

Live class complete scheduled with various topics and registered users have access to recording as well for the live class.

The recording for the session is also available for five days from the scheduled date so that if anyone miss out on the live class or would like to recollect the information shared can easily go through the entire session at his own ease.


What is Learnapp.co supertrend strategy

Before I share my review of learnapp.co supertend strategy let me explain you what is Supertrend?

Supertrend is basically a name of a indicator which gives you precise buy or sell signal.

As the name suggests, ‘Supertrend’ is a trend-following indicator just like moving averages and MACD (moving average convergence divergence).

It is plotted on prices and the placement indicates the current trend of the market,  stock, commodity, index it is plotted on.

For Intraday Trading, Supertrend indicator in comparison is a better than moving average indicator as it gives few false signal and works best in a trending market.


Why many traders fail using Supertrend Indicator?

Supertrend indicator never fails but traders watching free you-tube videos searching for perfect combination of value of ATR & Multiplier end up losing money.

Supertrend indicator uses Multiplier & ATR (calculate value of price volatility). It indicate the current market trend.

It does not predict, does not give any targets and help traders profit when used correctly.

In Learnapp.co supertrend strategy course Prateek explains the concept beautifully along with various examples of different scrips.

Profitable trading requires a process so with learnapp.co courses you will learn and understand the process in live class and get your queries answered instantly.

What is Learnapp.co Supertrend Strategy Process

The process consist of the following in order from parameters to use in trading, from entry to exits, see below what u will learn

  • How to use the supertrend for intraday trading.
  • The process of Stock Selection
  • Which Time Frame to use
  • The Exact rule for Entry of trade
  • Precise time for profit booking
  • Money management Rules for quantity to trade
  • Initial Risk and Stop loss

Having the correct process and rite strategy is most important. This is what differentiates the winning trader from a person who is not been able to make money in trading.

It is not a traditional approach like using 3,7 or 10,5 combination and long when u get buy and short when u get red on a 5min or 15min chart as you see on youtube videos.

Many trading gurus which shows you lakhs of profits made are not genuine and you already know that as when u implement the learning of same you end up losing money and feel frustrated.

Learnapp.co Supertrend Strategy Course gives u a well defined trading plan which covers all the aspects mentioned above which are required in order to be a successful and profitable intraday trader.

Learnapp.co Supertrend Strategy course rating.

Content – 10/10
Ease of Learning – 10/10
Applicability – 10/10
Usage – 10/10
Profitability Factor – 8/10

Total Rating – 9.8/10

Suitability – This course is suitable only For Intraday trading

I have personally used the learnapp supertend strategy  and highly recommend any one interested in making higher profit in intraday trading should learn the course. It certainly has made better my trading profits.

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