Free Equity Trade Montecarlo 510

On 29th September in our newsletter we had shared the free trade Montiecarlo that we had bought at around 473 for a price target of 510-540. (screenshot of mail campaign attached or check your inbox)

Today it touched 510 ! we had closed our position.

Had anyone with capital of 100,000 taken the trade this would have given a profit of 8325 Rs approx 8.2% after expenses.

Problem is most traders are looking for sure profit, free tips & a magic way of becoming instantly rich sorry to disappoint but trading is a process you have to learn the skills and develop them as per your trading style & temperament.

Everybody is a trader, he is a doctor but a trader, he is a businessmen but a trader, he is a MBA but a trader, he is a engineer but a trader, he is a bodybuilder but a trader. In all fields the person goes through a former education & then goes through experience under a expert of the field and eventually with hard work, practice and persistence he becomes a professional in there craft. There is price paid 1st for learning, then time spend on refining the skill and eventually he begins earning.

But when it comes to trading, just open a account with a broker put some small funds in it and start. Most people who call themselves traders are gambling in markets and end up losing a big part or entire capital.

Education – They care less for stock market education thinks its too easy, or want it free so you tube is the way to go without understanding how can one differentiate write or wrong information?
Skill – The skill level is 0, nor they have time or desire to learn.
Experience – Well apart from own trading loss’s and looking for free sure tips there is no experience most amateur traders have.

Good news is you can still make it, with help of professional traders of Wealthcreator traders club all you have to do is follow the same with discipline.

Small price & great valueChoice is yours to make profits or slowly / quickly lose your capital.

Begin 30 Day Paid Trial Membership 

Our silver membership is a paid trail of 30 days comes at very economical cost of Rs 5000 & includes all segments such as Nifty, Stock Futures, Equity & Few selected Options as well.

Gold Membership for Equity traders @ Rs 20,000 ( 12 months)  Capital Required (100,000 Rs)
Diamond Membership for FNO traders @ Rs 51,000 (12 months) Capital Required (300,000 Rs)


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