ETF Investing Course

ETF course

ETF Investing course is one of the most suitable course for new investors of Indian Stock Market.

The course is lead by Mr Vishal Jain Head ETF’s Reliance AMC along with Mr. Samir Desai From Reliance Mutual Fund.

Who is this course for?

ETF Investing course is for the Investors who are new to market and know nothing about which mutual fund to buy, who is the better fund manager or how many funds they should invest.

Investors who are happy to beat the inflation and earn better than fixed deposit returns but are not greedy for higher returns and are of conservative risk profile.

What is an ETF ?

Exchange traded funds are basically a type of mutual funds unit which trade like a stock, on the stock exchange.

Do you want to know the answers of !

  • Let your money work for you
  • Earn while you sleep
  • Have a passive income
  • Make better returns on your investment.

    If these are few of the questions that you have been hearing but unable to find the answer to HOW?

  • How can your money work for you.
  • How can u earn while you sleep.
  • Answer to how to make better returns on your investment

Then welcome to the  ETF investing where None other than Mr samir desai & Mr Vishal Jain Head Reliance AMC ETF’s will guide you in to investing in ETF.

The course focus on explaining the Importance of Investing in ETF with various life examples and that helps you to understand the core about investing in ETF in India.

An example such as by investing in one unit of Nifty ETF you are basically investing in india’s top 50 company. 

This leaves out the guess work of, which particular company will perform or which will not as over all you are invested in the Top 50 company’s of India

And even if few does not perform well others will.

This is Passive Investing and it does not try to beat the index but returns are what the returns of the over all market is.

What the course focus on?

  • Risk
  • Return
  • Cost
  • Asset Allocation

In this course you will learn about risk involved in investing, what kind of realistic return an investor should target for

What are the different types of cost while investing in various products available in markets.

How proper asset allocation helps an investor make better returns and investment decisions.

Cost of Investing

Mr Samir desai explains why Instead of hunting directly in to stocks, or investing in various active fund its better to Invest in ETF and ride India growth story.

Most active manager try to beat the market index and investors investing in active funds without knowledge are taking unwanted risk.

For example of you are a investor who is investing in a sectoral fund like Infrastructure, Pharma or Power then you have taken a huge risk.

This risk is if sector does not perform due any reason which can be like government policy, over all weak market

lack of buyers in that sector, slow growth then your investment can be in big loss.

New Investors should Begin Investing in Mutual Fund through an ETF it gives you not only a decent return over the long term but better risk adjusted returns as well.


ETF Investing course is a highly recommended course for investors of Indian stock market. The content is shared by experts of the industry.

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