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Markets corrected sharp providing opportunity to buy best stocks to invest in 2016 at a bargain price. Often we have seen when market corrects people panic and fear is all around. Those who wait are unprepared often miss this opportunity and when few weeks or months after the stocks are up 20% – 30% or higher they regret and calculate paper profits they would have made if they had bought.

Its not only the new traders which goes through the cycle of emotions even many fake traders and investors who do not buy any stocks or do any trading themselves use these opportunities to claim how good there advice is when markets become rosy putting on screen shot some where if they had put up to enter xyz stock.

The real test of the trader/investor is not only in judging the time but also acting upon with conviction when the opportunity arrives. It takes lot of experience, skill and conviction to put one’s own hard earned money in situations which comes as a blessing only realized later.

Black money, denominations of 500, 1000 banned and Donald trump has won, now there will more talks of what could have should have and would have happened, there will be talks of what should, could and would happen. All this is good for entertainment.

For a trader/investor he should be prepared to use opportunities. Here above is the screen shot of  best stocks to invest in 2016 as per my analysis. My time frame is large and i have invested the 1st round in today. I do have some more stocks in my analysis for investments which i feel can turn out to be other best stocks to invest in 2016.

We have invested in equity stocks such as L&T finance, mannapuram finance, delta corp, and others. Nifty bees is also a part of the investment portfolio which will be added more via S.I.P mode.

Do not fear the markets corrections. A wise investor will do all the hard work and use such opportunities. On a safe note avoid margin trading in futures and options in big volatility as seen because in panic selling it can hit margin calls. Invest what you can afford and do it parts.

As always putting my money where the mouth is Wealthcreator.

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